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Clarifying your core identity – who you are when “at your best” – reveals your Foundation of Winning. Honoring an organization’s natural identity permits the organization to realize success in a deep, meaningful and enduring manner.

Identifying the right people

FS&A helps clients attract “A” Players, orienting them for clarity of alignment, and retaining them to enhance and build the components of the “garden” that enable all on the team to thrive and succeed naturally.

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Getting everyone on the same page

Organizations experience a natural “flow” when all are on the same page. FS&A has the expertise to help bring this flow to your lives. We do so by helping you understand your Foundation and developing guiding principles to honor that. The result is a team that is deeply energized by their work.

The result

Quantifiable success that results from “you at your best”. We help you clarify your organization’s identity when at its best, and then help build reinforcing systems that prepare the organization to thrive in the face of challenges.

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Backgrounds in team building have shaped each of our team members. We have experienced the joy and extraordinary success that comes with being part of extraordinary teams. Those successes came from teams pursuing a shared vision. Our athletics experience applies directly to the business world; it is in human kind’s nature.


The foundation of FS&A is built on Fritz’s rich background and being a part of “teams” that have succeeded at the highest level. Fritz uniquely combines a systems engineering mindset with a deep understanding of what enables organizations to thrive.  This life journey has produced client/consultant relationships that go beyond providing a compass for organizational direction, as Fritz is a renowned trusted confidant.

After leaving Arthur Young & Company in NYC to join his former coach Bo Schembechler’s football staff, the study of what made a great leader like Bo successful began. Bo built a legacy that continues to grow. Fritz has identified the human science behind Bo’s enduring success and now shares this with leaders for their personal journey.

FS&A offers fresh, easy-to-comprehend yet revolutionary approach to team building and leadership development. Clients have described this approach as “innovative, revolutionary, eye-opening, life-saving, and deeply meaningful.”

Fritz is married to Lynn, and lives in Ann Arbor.  They have three children who live in Chicago, Evanston, and Traverse City, and have 11 grandchildren. Beside being with family and supporting clients, Fritz’s hobbies are woodworking, and outdoor adventures.  He enjoys snow skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, rowing, wilderness canoeing, road and mountain biking, and just being in the peace and beauty found in nature.


Mary has been a great asset in supporting FS&A’s growth and creative development.  Her commitment to understanding what it takes to compete and win was developed early in her life as a varsity swimmer for the University of Michigan. Mary launched and ran her own clothing manufacturing business for nearly a decade before returning to UM. Now, for more than 20 years, Mary has immersed herself in understanding the intrinsic motivations of others. In the field of higher educationDevelopment, Mary’s curiosity is piqued by learning the very basic nature of those who give back, those who lead, and those who mentor others and leave a legacy. Her passion for thoughtful strategic planning, alongside her desire to help organizations build a great culture, provides a foundation and framework to assist FS&A clients to be their very best.

Mary’s love for the outdoors keeps her busy doing anything and everything she can squeeze into a day in nature’s setting. And add to that Mary and her husband Dave farm 130 acres they own just outside of Ann Arbor.


Percy was very active with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) at the University of Michigan and served as the liaison for the Management Council to the National SAAC. He has presented at national conferences on desegregation, equity education, and athletics, as well as written articles about the importance of integrity and ethics in intercollegiate athletics, the importance of academics for our students, and the importance of equity for all students.

After serving in the Army, Percy went on to earn his B.S. degree in biology from Central Michigan University, his M.A. in vocational rehabilitation from Wayne State University, and his Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Michigan in 1968. Since that time, Percy has worked and lived in Ann Arbor with his wife Cheryl where they raised two children, Nathan and Allison. Now, their greatest joys are spending time with their four grandchildren, Jordan, Brooke, Georgia, and Rose.


Jim is one of those exceptional leaders who has a passion for growing others in service of a common goal that is bigger than either of them. Jim’s unprecedented success as Head Swim Coach for Women’s Swimming at the University of Michigan combined with his passion for developing others to their natural potential provides the foundation FS&A seeks in building its team of Executive Coaches.

Jim and Fritz worked together at Michigan.   Jim’s coaching philosophy contributed to the development of FS&A’s Foundation of Winning principles and disciplines. Clearly, Jim was one of those gifted leaders who recruited good talent and turned them into winners beyond their dreams, not just in the pool, but also in life. Jim possesses a deep passion for understanding how individuals learn and grow to be all they desire to be. The utilization of his coaching skills to serve executives is a natural for Jim. Jim aids leaders in becoming all they are meant to be, living fulfilled lives.

During Jim’s tenure at Michigan, the Wolverines had unparalleled success. His teams won an unprecedented 12 consecutive Big Ten Championships, adding two more before retiring from Michigan in 2012. Jim is the most successful Big Ten Conference Women’s Swim Coach in its history.   Jim’s teams finished in the top 10 of the NCAA regularly, finishing second in 1995 and third in 1996. Richardson was one of two recipients of The Richard E. Steadman Award conferred annually to a coach who has done the most to spread happiness in swimming and diving. In 1993 and again in 1995 Jim was named NCAA Coach of the Year.

Jim began his collegiate coaching career at the University of Iowa, where he was an assistant for three years before coming to Michigan in 1985.   Richardson resides in Ypsilanti Township with his wife, Mary Sue. They have four children and three grandchildren.

Richardson is the owner of the Wolverine Swim Camps, director of the Michigan Swim Camps, and conducts clinics internationally for USA Swimming and FINA.

What our clients are saying:

What our clients have to say

Building a new University is obviously an enormous task. Fritz’s guidance in helping us clarify our vision for our athletics program, and its effect on the overall life of the University, has helped us more clearly see how decisions we make impact our identity.

Thomas S. Monaghan
Founder and Chancellor / Ave Maria University

The comprehensiveness of our Strategic Business Plan for Intercollegiate Athletics Fritz has provided has permitted us to make informed decisions about our future we could not have done otherwise.

Paul Rooney
CFO / Ave Maria University

We needed to understand our strengths, and what our options for the future were. Fritz brought us together, thinking as a team, on how we can address the challenges of the competitive “turn-around” business we are in.

Van E. Conway

With Fritz’s help, we better understand our team, as unique individuals who have natural behavioral talents we can better capitalize upon.

Donald S. MacKenzie

We have a diverse and engaged Board of Directors who Fritz facilitated in strategic planning for our future in such a way we were all more fully engaged and aligned to help realize the potential of this dynamic organization.

Kevin A. Kelley
Executive Director / Michigan Medical Society

As our company continues to grow and the leadership that has made this company so successful begins to think about stepping back from day-to-day operations, it was important for us to preserve the identity that has made us what we are. Fritz clarified our identity in a professional and timely manner.

Stephen M. Ross
Chairman & Founding Partner / The Related Companies

In an extremely entrepreneurial company, it is often difficult to corral the leadership to garner its true identity. Fritz did so effectively, and helped us and our leadership team clarify who we are at our core, and where we are going.

Michael Brenner
CFO / The Related Companies

I have been a coach for more than 45 years, and no one has aided me as my “professional coach” as much as Fritz has.

Stan Morrison
Director of Athletics / University of California

President Killebrew encourages those seeking a reference to contact him personally.

Flavius Killebrew
President / Texas A&M University

We have been in business for 42 years. Because of the help Fritz has given us we now have a much better focus, based upon a foundation of principles that provide consistency in who we are at all times. We are expanding our market opportunities, as we must to remain viable and grow. Fritz has been helping us for four years. It is not a coincidence that as part of our team, Fritz has put us in position to meet these challenging times. It is our great good fortune to be so aligned.

Arthur Hills

Rapid growth is a two edged sword and Fritz has been instrumental in providing us the foundation upon which we make decisions as a team for strategic growth.

Bob Voelker

Fritz has provided valuable insights about our staff and key individuals we recruited to join our team. By understanding the foundation of who we are, he was able to identify attributes in potential candidates that would “fit” with our Company values and culture. He gave us insights into the individuals that permitted us to make hires that have benefited our team in significant ways.

Scott Hulke

Fritz was instrumental in helping us develop an overall vision for Georgetown athletics that would enable our programs to expand, to better serve the needs of our student-athletes, and to sustain our Hoya tradition of excellence. Additionally, it was his innovative fund raising strategy that is allowing us to transform our vision into reality.

Jack DeGioia

I never dreamt my passion for excellence could get in the way of success! Fritz has shown me how I can effectively and naturally realize the success I desire for my office, my staff, and for me. Our working together has been powerful and meaningful!

Ed Borio
Principal / BORIO DENTAL

We have been in practice for 21 years and thought we had things operating pretty smoothly. When we took a 4th partner and decided to open a 3rd office we brought Fritz in to really tighten up our Purpose, Vision and operational systems. This has proven to be one the best strategic business decisions that we have made in the past 10 years! Our office is now operating with a shared vision guided by a custom dashboard that was designed for our specific needs. I can’t recommend FS&A highly enough!

Scott Tyler, DDS
Principal / TYLER | DUMAS | REYES

We are building a sustainable winning culture in our Michigan/Illinois Region at the Hylant Group that has core operating principles and best practices as its foundation. Fritz has been instrumental in helping us form the customized building blocks which provides every colleague the opportunity to contribute to the overall success of our strategic growth.” We are putting together a team that understands and contributes to the vision of what success looks like. I would highly recommend Fritz, if you are looking to build a winning team and culture, especially in these extraordinarily challenging economic times.

Mark A. Miller
Regional Vice President, Michigan & Illinois | President, Ann Arbor Office Group / HYLANT GROUP

From Games to Games the Olympic broadcast business always presents new challenges. Fritz has been a great resource helping me understand how my strengths as a leader can aid me in confronting those challenges.

Gary Zenkel
President / NBC OLYMPICS

Using the Foundation of Winning principles to hire staff who fits the culture of our business has been one of the many benefits we have derived from the coaching and training I received. I wish I had understood these principles way earlier in my business career.

Steve Acker, DDS

Fritz was a part of our team when the UM Cardiovascular Center was a vision of what could be. He was instrumental in the creation of our fundraising program, and our disciplined culture that has most who experience it, wanting to work for us. The discipline to what we stand for has aided us in exceeding our initial fundraising goal by 250%.

Linda Larin