Creating Clarity Out Of Chaos

Does your organization have trouble with any of the following:

We clarify who you are when at your best to create a “natural flow” in your life

When you have the right people in the right places all working on the same goals with passion and focus, you create a culture that’s thriving not just surviving.  We will help you identify the roadblocks to a thriving organization and help you implement leadership techniques to overcome challenges within your company.

We seek to unleash intrinsic energy that powers your journey to greatness

We will help reveal these for you. We spend our lives working on improving our weaknesses. We suggest the world will be a much better place if we focus on the “Legacy Strengths” we may not know we possess. At some stage in life it is time to stop working on weaknesses and focus on what it is we do better than most others. Once clarified, we can then look at our “weaknesses” to see if any are inhibiting our “Legacy Strengths”. Once known, we would not do those things as we are a competitors who desire to be exceptional, especially in the areas that come to us most naturally.

Each of us possess “Legacy Strengths” such that the world will be a better place because of our unique gifts.

Each individual has a unique personal identity that when honored enables them to succeed more naturally. While honoring who we are meant to be individually is a challenge for us, honoring a collection of individuals’ personal identities is even harder.We help you clarify your organization’s identity when at its best, and then help build reinforcing systems that prepare the organization to thrive in the face of challenges.

Assessing merger and acquisition “fit”


Who “fits” in your organization


Building a responsible reward system


Leaders who need coaching to serve the organization


What strategic initiatives will return fastest for us?


Who are the “A” players in, or for your organization


Getting your team on the same page, working cohesively

The Foundation of Greatness

There are many principles of mankind, however there are only three that are pillars of the Foundation of Greatness.
These three principles aid in building the four pillars that support the Disciplines of Leadership.
It is these Disciplines that if honored permit natural long term success (as long as the market exists for the product!)


Do the team members see the same future picture leadership sees?

We will help you “paint pictures” clear pictures of the desired future that has meaning for all, enabling all to move toward your shared goal in a natural manner.

We move toward what we think about


Aristotle, Socrates and Plato studied why mankind did what it did, and the power of connecting with our “why” has not changed. We will share “The Four Levels of Happiness” that reveal why we do what we do as individuals and organizations, so you do so with strategic purposefulness.

Why we do what we do


Is it clear what is in- and what is out-of-bounds in how all conduct themselves and make decisions? There are 4-5 principles at your foundation that guide all in decision making in service of your shared Purpose and Vision. When aligned all are engaged 24/7, fixing others problems…. subconsciously.

Alignment brings comfort, security, and creativity

Core Identity

With the Three Principles of Mankind, we help you clarify your purpose for existing, your vision for the difference in the world you hope to make, and your set of guiding principles all are to use in decision making. This is your Core Identity or Foundation for aligned long-term success.

Your foundation for decision making

“Flow” comes from natural alignment of individual Core Identity with organizational Core Identity. Individuals need to find their “garden” to thrive and flourish, and when they do, both the individual and the organization thrive. “A” players are always looking for the “garden” in which they can thrive and flourish more naturally, because they know they are good and just need nourishment to flourish.


"Thriving" in the right garden


Just like the best athletic teams that win over and over, the team must come first. We will help your team assess where they are as a team and strategize to become the team of their dreams. The result of successful teams is individuals receive All-America honors.

There is no individual accomplishment that surpasses team accomplishment.

This Pillar is the last and the most important, but it cannot be understood unless all the other six are honored first. We help you Reinforce what you look like when at your best so you get more of this behavior and decision making.


Are you rewarding the right behaviors?

FS&A has become the confidante and trusted advisor that is called upon in “tough times“ to better prepare and support leaders on the firing line.

Leaders are like all of us, they would like support of their idea, but most of all they want to be sure their idea is the best for all. Often, they are in awkward situations, with no one to talk to or run an idea by. FS&A is sought after in these times as a trusted confidante who understands the leader and the organization.

Honoring an organization’s natural identity permits the organization to realize success in a deep, meaningful and enduring manner.

This is energizing for those who work for the organization, and rewarding for the beneficiaries.

“A” players seek organizations that enable them to realize their natural potential. “A” players know they are good and they are seeking an environment that will permit them to thrive and unleash their potential. For them, thriving is above making money.

We will share how and why the most successful athletic teams and business teams have succeeded over the long haul. The principles and disciplines are the same in athletics as they are in business.

Coaching Leaders To Become The Best They Can Be

We will share how and why the most successful athletic teams and business teams have succeeded over the long haul.
The principles and disciplines are the same in athletics as they are in business.

University Athletics & Its Strategic Alignment

Our team has spent the majority of our lives dedicated to intercollegiate athletics and the development of coaches and student athletes. With our deepest competency of Organizational Alignment, supporting universities and their athletic departments is a natural for us.

As we look at intercollegiate athletics in today’s world, we see a widening gap between the missions of universities and their athletic departments. In some instances, this gap is wide enough to reflect two distinct entities within the same walls.This often sends a conflicting message as to what the institution represents.

Our expertise lies in uncovering the foundation for decision making that honors the university when at its best, and in developing reinforcing systems that recognize and reward alignment.

Rewards Systems

Honor who you are when at your best. The financial crisis we are coming out of is a result of leadership rewarding individuals for doing the wrong thing. People do not do the wrong thing on purpose. FS&A will help you build reward systems that bring alignment to what the organization looks like when at its best.

Leadership Selection & Retention.

“A” Players like playing with “A” Players. They know they are good, and need a garden they can thrive in. The right plant in the right garden thrives naturally. FS&A aids clients in attracting “A” Players, orienting them for clarity of alignment, and retaining them to enhance and build the components of the “garden” that enable all on the team to thrive and succeed naturally.

Leadership Team Coaching

How your leadership team works together to make decisions on behalf of the organization will determine your success, struggles and failures.

FS&A will help you get on the same page, recognizing the unique strengths of each team member, with the common goal of helping the organizations perform at its best.

Strategic Visioning Initiative Identification & Execution

What we picture is what we will realize, so what picture is in leadership’s head? How clear is that picture? How accurate is that picture? How many others see the same picture?

We will share how to build those vivid pictures through illustrations, validate them for accuracy, and have them become shared visions all see together.

Organizational Assessment

You may know your organization is not running on all cylinders but are not sure exactly what the challenge is. FS&A customizes surveys to reveal what is going well, what can use improvement, and how those improvements may be accomplished. This inside view from those who know the organization when at its best is a powerful tool to move organizations to the next level.

Merger/Acquisition “Fit” Assessment

The primary reason that many mergers and acquisitions fail is the lack of a cultural fit. FS&A will assess the strengths and the components of each organization’s culture and assess the potential for a successful “fit.”

Create a “Learning Culture”

The great organizations of today and tomorrow are those who are growing culturally, strategically and intellectually every day. FS&A will keep leadership challenged with the latest in research and thinking on what is driving the best organizations. Employees who are “invested-in” produce at higher levels than those who are not. It is not just the intellectual advantage they gain. The investment in them as a person makes them feel appreciated and more committed to doing their best.

A Foundation for Fundraising

Having started two major fundraising departments responsible for raising more than $150 million, FS&A has the first hand experience to aid you in putting the “Foundation of Winning” concepts in place to ensure the best approach for your fundraising efforts.

Keynote Speeches

Fritz is a highly respected and recognized motivational speaker who connects with his audience, leaving them with “take-aways” they will use in daily decision making the rest of their lives.

Leadership Assessment

FS&A is skilled at working with leaders who may not see the complete picture. They are not alone and with assessment tools and skill development the picture clarifies.